Thursday, July 23, 2015

School Pictures

Studio C Kid's School Photo Banned

Please click on the link above for a good laugh!!!

It is that time of year again, school pictures! Some times school pictures turn out great but some of you might be wanting a different look for a nice picture to hang up on your wall! And some of you might home school and don't get the chance for traditional pictures. I would love to have the opportunity to take pictures for your child/children outside, with natural lighting and more than one chance at getting that perfect smile and at a much better price!
I will be taking "school" pictures down at the grassy area at the end of the cul-de-sac on 200 E. just off of 1400 North in Springville, Utah.  I will spend about 5 minutes with each child/person taking their pictures in a few different poses. The number of pictures and poses will depend in part on the age of the child and how well they cooperate :)
Price: I will charge $5 per person/child. You can pay with cash, check or PayPal. Please pay at the time the pictures are taken or directly after if possible.
Who: I will take pictures of any one, any age. Adults are welcome too. I will not be doing any group shots.  
How to reserve your spot: Please e-mail me with how many people/children you will want pictures taken of. We can set up a date and time to meet.
Other important things to know:
 Please bring a labeled, blank disk or USB stick to leave with me. Or you may purchase a blank disk from me for an additional $1 when you arrive. I will edit the pictures, put them on the disk/USB for you and notify you when they are ready to be picked up. Please allow up to one week to have them ready.
Here are a few pictures I have taken in this location just to give you an idea of what the pictures might look like. Also, here is a link to my blog where you can see other pictures I have done for people.