Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift for mom and dad

Okay, here is what I have so far. The clothespins are not attached yet, I was just playing around with ideas on what we should do. This is one idea, to put them all the way around.
(I am short one clothespin {I am going to do 18 just in case :0} but I think I can find another one.

And I thought you would want to see my little helper
He can be very cute when he is not being a stinker :)

Here is another idea I was playing with...I don't think it will work.
I was going to paint and attach these sticks and then attach more clothespins to them but that would only allow for 12-14 pins....

So one more idea might be to hang 6 pieces of some kind of sting or ribbon and then 3 pictures could attache to each ribbon with a pin. That would leave room from grown...
What do you think?